brand sustainable development CMDI membership

This membership platform allows business directors and managers get first hand information about policies, markets as well as investment opportunities on the fast growing Can Tho and Mekong Delta region. With the support of the Can Tho government and Can Tho University, all interested parties can participate in forums whether online or offline to enrich their understanding of the region and the local culture. Through networking with the relevant authorities and local industry players, business directors and managers can form their market entry strategies to gain foothold and establish their market and brand positioning for expansion.

Benefits of membership

  • Free enterprise registration to become part of the membership for first two years.
  • Members can enjoy discounted rate by Ingrid to do their Corporate Presentation, making it easy for search and brand introduction.
  • The brand introduction includes content development in Bilingual Language (Vietnamese and English), design conceptualisation.
  • Special discount for our Social Media Marketing and Branding Services as part of the overall promotion strategy.
  • Receive periodic news updates on foreign investment, technologies, and projects.
  • Participate in events and network with fellow members from overseas.
  • Request business matching developments.
  • Special discount on training programs.