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In 2022, Ingrid entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to serve as a strategic partner with Can Tho University.

The collaboration aims to establish comprehensive Entrepreneurial and Industry Training & Development initiatives. Additionally, Ingrid became the International Partner with Can Tho University on Sustainable Development Mekong Delta (SDMD) 2045 and Can Tho Promotion Agency.

The Mekong Delta, covering 13% of Vietnam’s land area and with a population of 18 million, boasts significant strengths. Contributing 12% to the national GDP, it features 700 km of coastline and 360,000 sq. km of sea surface, forming a crucial economic zone. Enriched by the Mekong River, the region’s 2.5 million hectares of fertile land make it Vietnam’s largest agricultural center, ensuring national food security. By 2050, the Mekong Delta will be a sustainable delta, a place worth living and working, and an attractive destination for tourists and investors.

Can Tho University is recognized as the leading educational institution in the Mekong Delta, with its core missions focused on education, scientific research, and technology transfer to drive regional and national socio-economic growth.

As an open university, CTU not only provides education but also actively engages in scientific research projects, utilizing cutting-edge knowledge to address various challenges in science, technology, economics, culture, and society within the region. Beyond academic endeavors, CTU plays a vital role in nurturing entrepreneurial talent, with many provincial leaders being alumni, reinforcing the university’s close ties with business and government entities to support the holistic development of the Mekong Delta.

The Sustainable Development of the Mekong Delta (SDMD) represents a national initiative, with the university entrusted to spearhead efforts in ensuring the sustainable development of teams and specific objectives within the Mekong Delta region.

As International Partner of CTU, Ingrid’s role involves facilitating the development and promotion of the Can Tho and Mekong Delta brands. The overarching goal is to transform Can Tho into a hub for modern agricultural and aquatic food processing.

Can Tho & Mekong Delta Discovery and Investment Program – Ingrid and Can Tho University Joint Initiative with supported by Can Tho City Authorities

Being part of the Sustainable Development Mekong Delta (SDMD) 2045 initiative and occurring once every two years, CMDI features two dynamic programs to catalyze growth, foster innovation, and establish enduring partnerships for the development of Can Tho and the Mekong Delta region, with the aim of attracting overseas investors and industry players.

Program 1 : International Summit Sustainable Development Mekong Delta 2045

Day 1 – Enterprise Day – fostered by a harmonious tripartite relationship among the university, government & enterprises

  • Enterprises showcase projects to share opportunities in sustainable development, collaborations, investments, and national/international expansion.
  • CEOs networking, sharing experiences and challenges, fostering innovation and growth.

Day 2 – International Symposium

  • Organized by Can Tho University with national & international institutions, academics, corporations, associations & enterprises
  • Focus on the latest findings on practices, research, policies, and experiences to seek improved & innovative ways to address the global issues on sustainable developments.

Day 3 – Site Visits

  • With the support of the Mekong Delta provinces, site visits are conducted for the foreign visitors to explore and gain more in-depth knowledge and exposure to the local conditions and, thereby, the opportunities for developments & investments

Program 2: Investment Developments – CEO Management Review

Discussion between Ingrid and Can Tho University on SDMD 2045

An opportunity for potential investors to participate in site visits and meetings with government authorities, institutions, and local enterprises in Can Tho to explore collaboration and business development opportunities in these sectors:

  • International Gastronomy Park
  • Air Logistics and aerospace support development
  • Agriculture and Aquaculture Technology Partnership
  • Food Technology and Supply Chain Development
  • Trade and Logistics Development
  • Commercial and Retail Developments
  • Food Processing and Light Industry Manufacturing
  • Service and Hospitality Developments

Leveraging our extensive industry network and government support, Ingrid offers prime opportunities for business investment and development. We craft meaningful itineraries for foreign enterprises exploring Vietnam, focusing on Can Tho and the Mekong Delta.

Contact Ingrid today for attractive investment opportunities, contributing to rapid and sustainable development in the Mekong Delta region.

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